Percentage Allocation Management Module


PAMM is an automated trading system where the manager trades using his or her own trading strategy, and the account is divided into smaller portions to accommodate the investments of multiple clients. This way, investors can benefit from the expertise of a professional trader, while the manager can access more significant trading capital.

What is PAMM?

Percentage Allocation Management


PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module where the manager invests and manages his/her own funds along with the funds of investors who choose to invest with him/her.

PAMM features for Manager

- Easy to allocate the funds among different trading strategies and execute trades on behalf of the investors.
- Managers can potentially earn additional income by charging a performance fee based on the profits earned for the investors.

PAMM features for Investors

- Check your account performance in real time.
- Easily download detailed monthly, quarterly and annual trade and commission reports.

Benefits of Pamm Manager Account:

Customizable fee structures: set performance, management and other types of fees.

No additional costs.

Display your strategy on our Social PAMM page to attract new Investors and scale up your business.

Total protection of the intellectual property of your trading strategy.

No “rounding” issues as the PAMM systems distributes the P/L of each trade not the lots.

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